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About Us
We care about you as a person...
to us, you're not just a mouth with teeth.

We strive to make the experience here a warm, friendly and sometimes really entertaining one.  The view from the surgeries is truly beautiful overlooking Caboolture Lake with its diverse birdlife.   This provides a calm, relaxing environment for both patients and staff.


The Family Dental Caboolture value honesty and integrity. Our team takes pride in always striving to achieve the best results for our patients.  Our dentist, Dr Timothy, is happy to take the time to speak with you and will provide you with a plan to meet your individual needs.


What should I bring to my appointment?
  • Photo identification
  • Medicare card
If applicable:
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Dr Timothy is our Tooth Warrior

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Our Services


our team

Let our family group look after your family group.

Here at The Family Dental Caboolture we are passionate about helping your family to care for their dental health.


Dentistry is not necessarily about getting that Hollywood smile. If that's your goal then we can help you try to achieve it. But for Dr Timothy O'Connell-Maritz, it's more about helping people to work with the smile they have and make it the best smile it can be.

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Dr Timothy's  hint for you..


You need good saliva to protect your teeth.

How do you get good saliva?


A beer mug works really well...leave a beer mug next to your

toothbrush.  First thing in the morning fill it up and just down it...

glug, glug glug.  You don't have to enjoy it.  Then brush your teeth.

Last thing in the evening do the same thing.

Contact Us




Monday –Friday  8:30AM – 5PM



We are closed on

Public holidays. 


                Suite 28,
                Block B, 
                Lakes Centre,
                8-22 King Street,
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