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The prices listed here are based on
our standard fee schedule and
are before any private health fund rebate.
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Comprehensive  consultation


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Don't Pay

$429 for a 

Check up & Clean

Why not pay


Our check up and clean includes:

  • Comprehensive examination

  • X-rays

  • 3D Scan/ Diagnostic Model

  • Photos 

  • Removal of Calculus

  • Oral Hygiene instruction


If you have private health, depending on your level of cover, there may be no out-of-pocket cost. 

Additionally, if your children are eligible for treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, their dental care is bulk billed.

If Children under the age of 16 years are NOT eligible for Child Dental Benefits please ask about our special deal. 


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Six (6) Month Regular Preventative Check up and Clean

This is, perhaps, your most important visit.  Like cars, teeth need regular maintenance for the prevention of significant problems. 
Small problems 
are easier and cheaper to fix. After your first check up and clean, we recommend you see us every six months so we can help you keep things stable. If you make this commitment to helping us take the best care for your teeth, your regular visits will be ‘’gapped at our special price.’’ if you have a health fund, or discuss the cost of your 6 month check up in advance.
T&C: If Appointments are not kept with in the 6month period the cost may revert back to the full price

Simple Extraction starts from  $281 

Simple Tooth Extraction
Sometimes the only treatment for a problem is to remove the source – the tooth itself.  If the process is a straightforward one.  This includes an x-ray and an examination limited to your concern.


Complex Tooth Extraction
Sometimes a tooth is more complicated to remove and therefore requires a little more time and effort.  In this situation we offer a sectional removal, or in the most complex of cases a surgical extraction.   These prices include an x-ray and an examination limited to your concern.

 Fillings start from

There are so many variables; but as a rough guide a

simple one-surface filling on a front tooth;

or a 

five-surface filling on a back tooth,

and there are many  more sizes in between.  But here’s our disclaimer; sometimes we may need an x-ray to determine whether a filling will work and sometimes a filling may need some extra reinforcement to keep it in place. 

If this is the case we will let you know before we start.

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Fillings can break...
we can fix a filling.
If you break a tooth that's bad.
Dr Timothy:
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 The start of a

Root Canal


Root canal treatment is sometimes the last option to allow you to

keep your tooth a bit longer.  Peoples teeth are complex

and individual; a tooth may have one, two or six canals! 

This cost will always be quoted when given a treatment plan.

 starts at $ 257

Ask about 

Special price

T&C apply

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Dr Timothy: 

So when should I put a crown on this tooth?

The day before it breaks!!

Ask about 
What crowns & Bridges we offer 


Some teeth require the extra protection of a crown.  We offer a number of different options depending on what you and the dentist decide will offer the best protection. 

We have  the following crowns 


Precious mental crown ie: gold and sliver  

If you want a more tooth-friendly option (GOLD) it will cost you a touch more.

Dental Bridges

One option to replace missing teeth is a bridge.    Different types of dental bridges are available and will cost different amounts. 


       T&C apply

We offer


Our custom made dual laminate Mouth Guards that suit your sporting needs come  in  a range of amazing colours.


Starting price  $202  
   T&C apply


 T&C :*All prices are not fixed prices they are all estimates and are only determined when the dentist gives a printed quote or  agreed upon verbal quote.

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