Frank Christmas
our Elf 

DEcember 2021

It's  going to be a Christmas full of songs 
frank 18.jpg
frank 20.jpg
frank  16.jpg
frank 19.jpg
frank 17.jpg

Its Christmas time 

Naught or Nice 

Jingle bells 

Santa can you hear me 

frank red nose .jpg
frank roudph 1.jpg

Dec 3

Rudolph the red-nose Elf

Dec 6

frank is coming.jpg

Sleigh ride 

Frank is back

frank  dec 1.jpg

Dec 1

Dec 2

All I what for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

frank dec 2.jpg
frank 7_edited.jpg
frank 13.1.jpg
frank 13.jpg
frank 10.jpg
frank 9.1 .jpg
frank 8.jpg
frank 9.jpg

Dec 7

Dec 8

Dec 9

Dec 10

Dec 13

all warped up 

Frosty is here

All I what for Christmas is my stocking

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Shining your light bright

All I want for Christmas is clean teeth.

December 2020

frank and pixie 15.9.jpg
frank pixie 15.2.jpg
frank and pixie 15.7.jpg
frank and pixie 15.10.jpg
frank pixies 15.5.jpg
frank pixie 15.3 .jpg
frank and pixie 15.6.jpg
frank and pixies 15.7.jpg
frank and pixies 15.4 .jpg
frank  and pixie are back.jpg
frank and pixies 2nd dec.jpeg
frank pixie 15.1.jpg

Merry Christmas

Frank dec 3.jpg
Frank dec2.jpg
frank tooth past .jpg
frank .jpg
frank weeekened.jpg
Frank Money.jpg
Frank snowflake.jpg
Frank painting 2_edited.jpg
Frank painting 4JPG_edited.jpg
frank snow fight.jpg
frank washingjpg.jpg
frank hide and seek.jpg
frank ornimantjpg.jpg
frank tvpg.jpg
frank last night.jpg

 Dec 2019