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General Dentistry


At The Family Dental Caboolture we provide a comprehensive range of dental procedures.  To provide the full scope of dental treatment, we may also refer you to a range of specialists in the surrounding areas to facilitate your care.


We see our role as overall co-ordinators of your oral health treatment plan.  We may recommend, or you may request referral to a specialist for any aspect of your dental treatment.  The majority of your dental work can be completed at our practice, however our collaborative approach with specialists enables us to optimise your treatment outcomes.

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*T&C apply only with a clean

Preventative dentistry is what you and your dentist do to prevent dental disease.   This includes daily brushing and cleaning between the teeth, use of fluoride toothpaste, dietary factors, regular dental check-ups and continuing care appointments.  At The Family Dental Caboolture we believe that what we do here complements what you do at home.

During your visit we will undertake a complete oral health check and give you advice on what may be improved - if anything.  It gives us the chance to identify problems early.  Small problems are easier to deal with and are less traumatic for you and your wallet!  Our aim is to get you to a point where everything is stable.  That way, your regular visits should be fairly uneventful.


Cleans are done with AIRFLOW to remove most of the Biofilm. This is done for almost all our patients young to old. 

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Q: So when should I bring my child to the dentist?

A: Soon after the first teeth appear.

At this early stage it's more about familiarisation and education.  Children learn from an early age that coming to the dentist is a part of life and this can establish good life-long habits.  At this young age, education is provided to parents about how best to care for their child's teeth.

As your child grows, regular examinations provide and opportunity to have a positive experience in a relaxed environment; and to build trust and rapport with the dentist.  As your child continues to mature we give them the knowledge and confidence to care for their teeth independently.


Some children may eligible to used the Medicare Dental Benefit Scheme, known as CDBS. This scheme is means tested.

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Emergency Appointments

If you are experiencing pain it's important to deal with it as soon as possible.  If you have broken a tooth or lost a filling it is best to attend to it quickly, even if there is no pain.  Lack of pain isn't always a good indicator that there's not an underlying problem.  Small problems require small solutions - and less money!  We have emergency appointments available each day to accommodate patients with urgent needs.

There are many causes of dental emergency some are more serious than others.  If you have post extraction complications (like uncontrolled bleeding or severe pain); facial swelling particularly if it comes on quickly; or trauma to the face or teeth (which may result in fractures or teeth being knocked out) it would be advisable to seek help quickly.  Call 07 5428 2277 and we will see you at our earliest availability.

Department of
Affairs Patients

We happily treat veterans and accept the DVA Gold and White Cards.

Who have dental benefits through 

 After the dental team have taken care of your needs, our friendly reception staff will process the claim on your behalf.

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