Terms And Conditions 

A deposit will be taken when accepting treatment plans and appointment that are booked. If appointment are cancelled less than 48hrs, a cancellation fee will apply to all treatment plans accepted and appointments booked. Please ask when these will apply to you.


Fees may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances.


Quotes/ treatment plans are only valid for 3 months.


Fees may change at the practice discretion.


Specials are ongoing and are subject to change.

The fees may change depending on what fee schedule is used. Eg smile, health\fund, standard, CDBS or government vouchers.


Health funds can only be charged when you have the correct health fund card.


Payment is due as soon as treatment is completed for the appointment on the same day. In the instances that payment isn’t made we will be hand you over to debt collectors.


Government vouchers may be used as long as valid documentation is given to the practice.


ID, Medicare, health funds, DVA and concession card required at your first appointment and will be scanned for your file.


When records are requested please make sure that an email is sent and a request of records from from your next dentist is sent.


All patient information is kept private and confidential.


No disrespect will be tolerated to any staff.


The Practice and staff can, at there discretion refuse to do treatment


All practice policies and procedures will be followed.


Covid rules and polices will always be adhered to


Sms are sent out from the practice mobile for confirmation for your appointments. If there is no response you may lose your appointment.


An after hour fee will apply on top of your treatment amount when calling the dentist out to the practice for an emergency.


After hour calls will be answered but the time of the appointment will be at the dentist discretion


All of the above is at the discretion of practice and subject to change at any time.


A Patient Confidential information will not be breached from either patient or practice on any social platform. If any Party is found breaching these terms, legal action will be taken.