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Covid-19 And Dentistry

We understand that the COVID-19 virus is cause of concern still at this time. As COVID-19 virus is still around we are still following most of COVID-19 policy.


At our small and humble family practice, we understand that tooth pain does not take time off and give you a pain free time. So, at The Family Dental Caboolture we have put our heads together to come up with a plan to help our community. We are strongly following the Australian Dental Association (ADA) infection control standards and procedures allowed, as well as following the world hygiene organisation protocol.

We are also following Government requirements for our surgery.


We would like to reassure the community that the Dental community as well as our practice have been doing a very good job of protecting our patients with the highest of quality infection control. Here are some of our protocols that we have put in place and are still carrying on with.


First of all, if any of our current or new patients are unwell and have any of the following : Cough, Fever, Tiredness, or any FLU like symptoms, we kindly ask them to reschedule their appointment till they are feeling better and the required isolation period.


At this time we will only be having a maximum of 4 patients to 4 staff members, a total of 8 persons in our practice at any one time. This more than covers the 4m square social distance requirements.


On arrival we may ask you  questions about  how you are feeling concerning COVID-19 and Flu . Any answers to these questions we feel is not in accordance with our practice policy we may defer your appointment for a later date.


May take your Temperature with a Non-contact Infrared Thermometer. This result is recorded in your patient file. A normal temperature should be in the range of 36.1֯ C to 37.2֯ C, anything over we will defer your appointment for a later date.


We ask all who are arriving to use hand sanitiser which is provided at the front desk.


From the front door to the surgery is wiped down with high grade disinfectant both before and after patients arrive.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) including mask, gloves, and protective eye-wear. Has led to better protection for our patients and our staff.

Our use of disinfectant, up-to-date sterilisation practices, dedicated hand washing, and our one time use disposable materials where possible have all facilitated safe Dental visits for our patients and our staff. As well of the use of Rubber dams, minimising the generation of aerosols and the carrying on of the use of high-speed evacuation (suction).


While we know that our Oral health practices are safe for our patients and staff, the on going news, about the virus can and is, making people nervous, and withdrawn. The Family Dental Caboolture is being proactive in offering calm and reassurance to our patients and staff, that our infection control and standard precautions are an excellent deterrent to the virus.


We also understand that with all this information out there, many people are scared to come to the Dentist often on top of already having a fear of going to the Dentist.


Please be reassured we are monitoring the media and at any time we feel unsafe about our procedures we will inform our patients and staff.

At this time we are here for you, and are open to help any patients that are in need of Dental treatment.


Please feel free to contact us concerning your Dental needs and treatment or if you have any concerns. on 07 5428 2277

New clients are always welcome, and many a time you can get an appointment on the same day for emergency treatment.

Staff Goverment Trained on the COVID -19

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