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A Whiter Shade of Pale

Who hasn't looked at their teeth and wanted them to be whiter?

Lots of things affect the colour of our teeth: things we eat and drink (coffee, red wine, spicy foods) can all stain the teeth.

You may think whitening toothpaste is the answer. It is an answer, but not the right one in my opinion. Whitening agents use peroxide, which is acidic. Toothpaste is mildly abrasive. This combination is detrimental to the teeth. Acids in food and drink (and in this case whitening agents) soften the teeth by leeching minerals. If the teeth are exposed to acid and then brushed, we risk damaging them.

If we choose to use a whitening product, which we have already established is acidic, we need to have a counter-balance: a product which will return the minerals to the teeth. What is this product? I hear you ask. The answer: Tooth Moose Plus.

So how do I safely whiten my teeth?

For best results teeth should be clean (this includes interdental cleaning).

The week before whitening, apply Tooth Mousse Plus after nightly cleaning.

During the whitening treatment – follow the written instructions given by the dentist and apply Tooth Mousse Plus each night after whitening.

Of course nothing is fool here is our disclaimer, our “get out of goal free” card!!

Whitening results vary for each person.

For best long term results avoid tea, coffee, smoking, red wine and spicy foods as they can cause staining.

Fillings, crowns and veneers are not effected by whitening products and will not lighten.

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